Participants in the certificate program should attend courses in the following modules: A total of six ECTS credits must be acquired in each elected content area. Besucheradresse: Ludwigstr. The academic board collaboratively decides on the acceptance of new participants for the program. LMU-Portal. Do I need to register for the module "Final Project"? 13. 8. 13, Haus 2 (In der Eingangshalle, gegenüber dem LMU-Shop, links neben der Fachbibliothek, Raum im LMU-Raumfinder) (4 Geräte) Leopoldstr. Ort: Studentenkanzlei, Referat IIA2 der LMU, Sachgebiet 1, Hochschulzugang Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München Tel. 17. The form points out that you have to pay fees for the student services and student ticket for Munich's public transport system (see Question 6). If you are already enrolled in two programs, you are not eligible to take part in the Environmental Studies Certificate, The application deadline is September 20th. Rachel Carson Center Alumni Association e.V. As an international student, you have to go to the Studentenkanzlei in person. aktuell ist die Studentenkanzlei für den persönlichen Parteiverkehr geschlosse Info for international applicants. The Studentenkanzlei is in LMU Munich's main building at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1. Please note: During the busy enrollment period the Studentenwerk sometimes has to use extra rooms to cope with the large numbers of students registering. If you have further questions contact, The 33 ECTS-credits are studied alongside the student's main subject and is spread across four semesters. You will receive instructions on how to pay during matriculation. You have the opportunity of receiving a Newsletter and event invitations in order to stay in contact. 21. Unser Angebot richtet sich an alle Fachbereiche und alle Phasen des Studiums. The additional qualification allows students to look beyond the confines of their discipline during their degree course and gives them a broader disciplinary base being appreciated by employers both inside and outside of You interact with fluency and spontaneity needed in regular interaction with native speakers. Draw a number for the "Sachgebiet 1: Immatrikulation" and, when your number is called, go to the room assigned to you. After your number has been called, go to the room assigned to your Bitte melden Sie sich regulär zurück (eingeschriebene Studierende der LMU) Hierfür genügt die Zahlung der fälligen Beiträge für das kommende Semester. For more information on how to apply, please see the application, The Environmental Studies Certificate Program strongly encourages the participation of international students. This may take the form of an exhibit or a publication. What is the program's basic structure? What are the requirements for international students? eines Semester abgeschlossen haben und zu den besten 10 % ihres Prüfungstermins in ihrem Studiengang gehören, wird die Höhe aller hier bezahlten Studienbeiträge erstattet. 23. Erst nach der Aktivierung werden die nötigen Informationen an die Bibliotheken übertragen und damit das Konto eingerichtet. Telefon 0941 943-5500 Telefax 0941 943-2385 E-Mail . Auf vielfältige Weise beraten wir Sie persönlich und vernetzen Sie im Rahmen unserer Events mit Unternehmen, Organisationen und … III.2, Hinweise zur Datenübertragung bei der Google™ Suche, Studierendenvertretung / Fachschaftsvertretungen, Studienplatzvergabe für zulassungsbeschränkte Studiengänge, Anerkennung von Hochschulzugangsberechtigungen, Hochschulzugang (nicht zulassungsbeschränkte und Studiengänge mit Eignungsfeststellung oder Voranmeldung), Studienkolleg für deutsche Staatsangehörige. Usually, you register via LSF. For more information, see the program and its structure. Please apply again in the following year. Once you have received the asked document, please send a copy to the coordinator. 13a, Info-Point des Stundentwerks in der Mensa (1 Gerät, nur … Take your acceptance letter, a passport or form of government ID, and your student ID to the LMU Munich student record office (Studentenkanzlei). Wenn Sie an die TU gewechselt sind, können Sie sich an der in der Zentralbibliothek einen neuen Bibliotheksausweis ausstellen lassen. How do I register if I am not a LMU Munich student? Draw a number for the "Sachgebiet 1: Immatrikulation" and, when your number is called, go to the room assigned to you. top, Hinweise zur Datenübertragung bei der Google™ Suche, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, exam regulations (Download Studienordnung). Studentenkanzlei; Organisation; Sachgebiet 1 - Hochschulzugang Hauptnavigation. Beachten Sie bitte, dass auch wir in dieser Zeit keine Möglichkeit haben, das Universitätsgebäude zu betreten. Most of the courses are in English. Studentenkanzlei der LMU Die Studentenkanzlei ist für allerlei Organisatorisches zuständig. Der Test hat eine Dauer von 30 Minuten. The document can be downloaded here; further information can be found You will receive instructions on how to pay during matriculation. You can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.Evidence of good English skills is highly encouraged (for example, Abitur results, TOEFL exam, or similar). An announcement will be posted when the submission of printed versions is again required. Hier können Sie sich mit Ihrer LMU-Benutzerkennung anmelden: Benutzername: / This is only possible at the next offered exam date. Praktikumsamt der LMU Dienstgebäude Ludwigstraße 27, G 207 80539 München U3/6, Station Universität Postanschrift: Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. Can I get credit for courses from my stay abroad? After the successful completion of the program, a certificate and a diploma supplement will be issued along with a transcript of records. The project course is worth nine ECTS credits. Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, Pforte (1 Gerät) Leopoldstr. Hierfür ist das Sachgebiet 2 der Studentenkanzlei … Additionally, students need to choose one elective module (WP 1 to WP 13) in three of the four content areas: the grade received (in words and numbers), as well as the number of credits in each of the tested areas for the mandatory course. We offer courses from various disciplines and departments. Studentenkanzlei Universitätshauptgebäude Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 80539 München. Is it still possible to consider my application after I missed the deadline (September 20th)? If you are enrolled at LMU Munich or at another university in Munich, you do not have to pay any additional fees. By bringing students with backgrounds from different disciplines (humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences) into dialogue, the program offers new perspectives on our academic environments. Please note: Students registering for the exam for a module with 6 ECTS must only do so when they have completed and been graded for the whole module. Wir wünschen allen gesunde und erholsame Feiertage! Raumgruppe E 011 und E 114. Immatrikulationshinweise für postgraduale Studiengänge. It is possible that you are missing some of the required documents for the application process at the point of your application. 2. Hauptgebäude (Foto: LMU München) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München . Second, please read the PDF that lists the paperwork needed for your matriculation. This means that a seminar worth 3 ECTS is insufficient to register for the module's exam and the student will need to obtain an additional 3 ECTS before becoming eligible to apply for the exam assigned to that, You have at least two attempts in order to pass an exam. geography or geoscience). The date on the certificate is the date on which all requirements of the certificate program have been, If you want to stay in contact, please get in touch with the Rachel Carson Center Alumni Association e.V. This may be taken at any time during the program. Lageplan der Studentenkanzelei. 3. The number of mandatory and elective modules needed to complete the certificate program is a minimum of 33 ECTS credits (at least 14 semester hours). If you are not sure which line applies to you, please ask one of the on-site staff Only after a successful application, you can enroll in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program via the Studentenkanzlei. What is the deadline for admission into the Environmental Studies Certificate Program? Genauere Informationen über Fristen und Modalitäten erhalten Sie auf den Studieninformationseiten der LMU und bei der Studentenkanzlei (Sachgebiet 1: Immatrikulation - für noch nicht an der LMU immatrikulierte Bewerber, Sachgebiet 2: Wechsel des Studienganges/-fachs - für bereits an der LMU immatrikulierte Bewerber). It is possible to use an applicable course from your primary course of study to meet one of these requirements. 1.412 Studenten der LMU - Uni München bewerten das Studium mit 3,7 Sternen. Please bring a confirmation of your university to show that you have paid the student service fees at your main university already. Please note: You cannot be enrolled in more than two study programs at the same time. 12. Die Studentenkanzlei ist Ihr zentraler Ansprechpartner bei allen administrativen Angelegenheiten, die Ihren Status als Studierende/r betreffen. However, this is only possible if the very course was not credited in your main program. You can only visit courses and receive credits if you are officially registered in the program. LMU Intern – Zentrale Webangebote der LMU Die internen Webangebote der LMU sind vielfältig – Portale, Lern-Management-System, Clouddienste und viele andere Anwendungen. However, please make sure to hand in your enrollment confirmation and payment confirmation at the Studentenkanzlei of LMU Munich. However, it is possible to visit the Rachel Carson Center’s events and Lunchtime Colloquium voluntarily and prior to your, Applicants will be informed about their acceptance within 14 days of the final deadline. If you are not a student at LMU Munich, you first need to fill out the online form called "Online-Immatrikulationsantrag" in order to register as a LMU Munich student. Frisch Studienkanzlei Lmu. Students need to complete the required module (P1) “Environment and Society: International Perspectives”. Heidi Brendle, SachgebietsleiterinOlaf Olsson, BüroleiterBarbara Nilsson, SachbearbeiterinMislav Radoš, SachbearbeiterEtienne-Maurice Ehlers, SachbearbeiterPaye Celik, Auszubildender, Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: 2. 86% der Studenten empfehlen ein Studium an der LMU - Uni München. When will I be informed whether I have been accepted into the program? Sachgebiet 1 - Hochschulzugang Die Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München stellt nachstehende Online-Funktionen zur Verfügung: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU-Identification and Password needed for access Termine der Studentenkanzlei. In order to participate in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program, applicants should have good knowledge of German and must be confident in speaking English, equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Each WP module can only be counted once. If you want your additional courses to be documented, please consult the LMU Munich's examination office. Wenn Sie als immatrikulierter LMU-Student Ihr Studium mit dem Erweiterungsfach DaZ ergänzen möchten, können Sie sich dafür in der Studentenkanzlei der LMU München innerhalb der dafür festgesetzten Frist persönlich einschreiben lassen. 10. 9. Furthermore, they have no influence on your final grade. Umsetzung des Webauftritts. Zur Seitennavigation oder mit Tastenkombination für den accesskey-Taste und Taste 1 Zum Seiteninhalt oder mit Tastenkombination für den accesskey und Taste 2 Sitemap . Therefore, different forms of registration occur. Ihre Immatrikulation an der LMU (entweder postalisch oder persönlich) Postalische Einschreibung. Auf die meisten Anwendungen können Sie mit Ihrer LMU-Benutzerkennung zugreifen. Please have a close look on the list of courses on our website and the equivalent courses on LSF to have more information on the very registration in the course description. Please find a detailed description here. Sieben Studierende der LMU, die an der LMU ihr Studium in der Regelstudienzeit zzgl. Die Geschäftsstelle des Mathematischen Instituts ist im Zeitraum 21.12.2020 bis 10.1.2021 geschlossen. 2. Who is eligible to take part in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program? 1. How do I register if I am a LMU Munich student? To enroll in our program, international students need to contact the international The decision is based on the information provided in the application. Please fill out the form "Anerkennung von Prüfungsleistungen" and let it sign by the academic 7. University admission qualification (generally Abitur certificate or equivalent school leaving certificate; where applicable: school leaving certificate in combination with a university entrance examination certificate or a certificate from a one-year higher education course or university certificate). For the duration of the closure and by the submission deadline, it is sufficient to send theses in electronic form to the ISC . For more information on how to apply, please refer to the application process. Schlagwort: studentenkanzlei lmu immatrikulationsbescheinigung. One elective content area may be replaced by an internship or a study abroad program of at least four weeks. This program opens up academic and intellectual horizons, new career possibilities, and new ideas about the environment. Aufgrund der Universitätsschließung ist das ISC vom 16.12.2020 - 10.01.2021 nicht erreichbar. Applicants are informed via e-mail as soon as a decision has been made. There are two lines, one for students who have never enrolled at a German university before, and one for students who either have been or are enrolled at another university. Does the Environmental Studies Certificate Program offer grants or stipends for its students? Students registered at another Bavarian university have to pay the student ticket fee but not the student service fee. 20. Currently, LMU buildings are still closed to the public. It consists of attending the Lunchtime Colloquium at the. How do I register for courses in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program? Sie können den Fachwechsel nicht vornehmen, bevor Ihre Rückmeldung nicht vollständig verbucht ist. The second line is relevant for Certificate students. What if I’m missing required documents for the application process? This is defined as the following: You are able to understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions. Ab 1.Oktober 2001 ist sämtlichen schriftlichen Hausarbeiten im Rahmen von Lehrveranstaltungen ("Seminararbeiten") am Ende folgende Erklärung beizufügen und von der Verfasserin / dem Verfasser der Hausarbeit zu unterschreiben: ... Studentenkanzlei) Studentenkanzlei der LMU. You can register for winter terms with the Studentenkanzlei only. Ein Wechsel vom grundständigen Studium auf das Eweiterungsstudium bzw. Informationen zum Studium an der LMU-München. The fee for LMU Munich consists of a student service fee and a student ticket fee. Die Online-Services der Studentenkanzlei. Mit diesem Schreiben und Ihrer aktuellen Immatrikulationsbescheinigung für das Sommersemester 2021 werden Sie anschließend in der Studentenkanzlei, Sachgebiet II, vorstellig, um sich in das Zertifikatsprogramm einzuschreiben. 27/EG Postanschrift: Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 Diskussion 'LMU nachrückverfahren info' [Seite 36] – Studis Online-Forum WLAN / Eduroam Hilfe rund um das Wlan-Netz an der LMU. To get further information about possible dates for matriculation, please have a look at the Studentenwerk's website. Once you are eligible to register for an exam (depending on the modules requirement), you will have to do so via LSF. Die wichtigsten Termine finden sich auf den Seiten der Studentenkanzlei. Im Hinblick auf solch einen Wechsel muss man sich bei der Studentenkanzlei (Sachgebiet 2) der LMU informieren. Sie finden uns im Erdgeschoss des Gebäudeteiles Verwaltung / Studentenkanzlei, in den den Räumen 0.09, 0.10 und 0.11. The certificate program does not offer any stipends for living, After receiving your acceptance letter via email, you can immediately enroll in the program. To enroll, you will need to draw a number to speak to someone in "Sachgebiet 2: Umschreibung oder Fachwechsel". Can I take more than just the required courses?

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